Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Seems like every time I do a blog post, dear friends, I start with an apology...and that has just got to stop. It's hard on me, and you don't need it either. I know I'm terrible at this, and you know it too. We're adults here. When I think of the crooked trail of broken promises that has been my legacy as a blogging musician so far, I think...well. No wonder I'm a folksinger. A pop or country singer (especially one a third my age, which apparently most of you are these days) would not stand for this, and would have their act so together by now that we would not even be having this conversation. They would be out blowing up Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr and all that other junk.. Probably wouldn't even be wasting their time with a stupid website. Yeah.  A jazz singer? I don't know what they'd be doing. I'd love it, whatever it was. Anyway...I'm getting rapidly off track here.
As you've probably surmised by now...that CD I casually alluded to in past blogs is still in progress. Remember? Chicken Town ? I wasn't lying when I said we're working on it. We are. Still. It has been going through evolutionary seismic  shifts...and, apparently, just like evolution, progress can be virtually imperceptible at times. Kind of like grass growing, or shorelines eroding. I'm going to make myself very vulnerable here, and just say that I sincerely hope there's someone out there who still cares, because we do, more than ever. 
Good talk. I'll be getting back to this.
After a lovely summer trip home this year, which included a great stop at The Walnut Room in Denver with A Brother's Fountain from Fort Collins, CO, and Fort Defiance, from Nashville, we returned to Nashville at the end of August, and I proceeded directly to the hospital for four days with a flare of Crohn's disease, an old acquaintance since 1985. I will spare you the grisly details, and just say that I am sending a giant cosmic hug into the universe, for anyone who deals with this, or really any other chronic illness. It can really put a wrench into whatever plans you may have, be it anything from dinner and a movie, to world domination. I was equal parts blue, depressed and pissed off          (even more than usual) for the better part of a month...I mean, September was pretty much a wash...but I'm feeling much better now, I'm off prednisone (which will pretty much turn anyone into Mr. Hyde, or in my case, Mrs. Hyde), and am getting back to confidently doing what I love. Which, for the purpose of this blog, is that whole long simmering album thing ( I told you I'd be getting back to it).
Steve and I have lately been having long conversations about: a band. We love the idea of having a band. We met in a band. It's fun playing in a band. But not just any group of jerks with instruments and a case of beer, no offense to that configuration. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. But it's not what we're looking for these days. Our tastes are running, lately, to a more specialized group of jerks, who are willing to dig into these songs and truly make them their own. I am willing to wait for that, because it takes time (and possibly cash) to find those kind of folks. In the meantime, Steve and I are making ourselves feel better by giving our duo a name. People never seem to remember the name of the act now anyway; my name's too long and everyone's worn out by the time we finish saying it. I get it.
We've thrown alot of  ideas around over the years, and have decided on the one that seems to stack up to the glamour and mystery we've always wanted to evoke. Henceforth, we shall be referred to as The Javelinas. That's pronounced "HAH-velinas" for those of you who have never traveled west of ...I don't know. Arkansas? A Javelina is, by definition, a small wild desert pig. They are shy, but can be fierce and combative if cornered. Just like us! So there you have it. This is not a contest. The name is decided. I know it's all very sudden, it's not. As I said before, we've been having these discussions for a long time.

Just a little something to get you in the mood.
So, again. Good talk. This is the place where normally I would make one more promise about getting the damn record done. But I'm NOT doing it this time. I'm going to breathe deeply, try to keep my head on straight, and accept what the universe tells me. Even though I do completely appreciate the fact that you will soon all have Christmas shopping and stocking stuffers on your minds.

Thank you to all of you who come to hear us play, all who buy and listen to the CD's (especially in your CARS, I love it that you want to listen to us in such a small personal space with no distractions), and especially to all who never say anything, never come hear us, and don't give a rat's about any of this...YOU are the ones who keep me motivated every time I get tempted to bag it all and study basket weaving or something. Steve thanks you as well, because he'd still much rather play guitar than weave a basket any day. So it's a win-win.
XO Victoria

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