Monday, September 21, 2015

Another sweet September

Another sweet September...

There's something so wonderful about fall...that last gasp of summer is often so heavy and exhausted that when it finally releases its grip, a great sigh of relief seems to rush through every living thing, from the lakeshore and Tennessee woods five minutes from our doorstep, to the busy streets of downtown Nashville, to every other place I've been in this world, in my life...a letting go and letting God...a moment where we all seem to settle into the change like it's only a big worn out chair cradling our tired old bones. For a moment we accept it, that nothing ever stays the same, and all that was once new must eventually decay, curl like a leaf and blow finally away on the wind. Just for a moment...before we leap again into our frantic dance, more determined than ever to...get hold of it. Yep, it's what we do.
In case you wondered, Steve and I are no exception. Out in the garage where the songs get built, there are construction noises going on. A new list is taped to the wall; the room has been straightened and organized (WHAT!!!???). Fresh pens, paper and dry erase markers lie at the ready. The indicator lights are on.
I was out there today, playing and singing and tracking and knocking out a word here and plugging a better one in there. It's a funny kind of alchemy; one where you can shut the door for what you think will be a few minutes and look up at the clock four hours later like Rip Van Winkle. It doesn't surprise me any more, but I still find myself cleaning up relationships over it...sometimes people wonder if I've been in an accident or something. Nope. No accident here. Just plodding along like usual.
Without counting too many chickens I will just say I am enjoying the apparent theme of our next project, whenever it appears (they can be shy). I find myself talking alot this time about people who are trying to figure out where they fit in...trying to find their niche, in work, in love, in art. in life. There's a boatload of loneliness in this more than ever. Everyone knows...everyone has it somewhere. It's been waking me up wanting to be talked about. So that's the plan.
We had the delight of sitting in on a songwriter session at the Country Music Hall of Fame this weekend that was hosted by none other than Mary Gauthier. The Americana Music Festival has been going on all week, and thank God for that, she came in on their sponsorship. She hung out for about two hours, played a few songs and waxed extremely wise on various topics, mostly songwriting, creativity, and what ties us all together as humans. What an articulate, lovely person. Thank you, Mary, for reminding me about miracles. Songs are miracles. People are miracles. Life is extraordinary. I don't know about you, but I need to be reminded of those things on a regular basis. I probably should have recorded it on my phone...then I could just play it back whenever my ass starts dragging.

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We'll be out and around Nashville doing some writer's nights in October: Commodore Lounge on October 2, Bobby's Idle Hour on October 11. Just this last weekend we had a great round at The Commodore on Saturday night with Joseph Reed and Josh Linville. Koda Smith came along on cajon, and Steve slung that Telecaster with style and grace. It was a pleasure. We had fun and it seemed like the crowd did too. I had the enormous pleasure of meeting one of Nashville's most respected songwriters, Dave Gibson...somewhere in my files I have a lovely picture that Joseph's wife Brandi took of him with Joseph and me on either side, looking a little giddy. I'll be posting that shortly whenever I get organized...meanwhile...
I wish you all the best possible weeks and many many blessings!

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