Saturday, December 14, 2013


Peace and many blessings to all of you as the holidays loom! It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce the release of the brand new CD "SOUL HOUSE" as of...well...TODAY!!! We are very excited to finally have it finished and ready for you. It is available for purchase right here on this very can buy it with a credit card or use your Paypal comes in a downloadable version, or if you are one of the hardy souls who still likes to hold something solid in your hands, we will mail you an authentic handmade "Advance Copy". The complete finished package with booklet and artwork will be ready hopefully by mid January in all its shrink wrapped glory, but if you just can't wait we've got you covered! Order the download, and we'll send you a preview of the artwork along with our thank you note...

Our first CD release show was last week, December 10, at The Five Spot in Nashville. Derek Hoke hosted the weekly Two Dollar Tuesday showcase, and we shared the stage with a stellar lineup: Dan Christopher, Melody Walker, and Frances and the Foundation, along with Mr. Hoke's very elegant trio. Beer was drunk, noise was made, friendships blossomed, and a great time was had by all.

We were also very pleased to find out that one of the tracks from the new CD, "Mother Theresa", was featured on the home page of No Depression Americana and Roots this week; quite a nod from this quality online authority on Americana and Roots music! You can check them out at .

All in all, we're delighted with our new project and can't wait to hear what you all think about it. 2014 promises to be a busy and fruitful year for us with lots of activities and ideas coming your way, including video, some impromptu Stage It shows, some traveling, and some new merch for your shopping joy. It's gonna be busy and fun around here! Might have to teach the cat to type.

As always, we love hearing from you, and so appreciate your ongoing warmth and support. Creating music is our passion, but without you listening we'd just be in the garage pissing off the neighbors. So thank you!
Hug your loved ones, have some eggnog, and we'll see you next year.  Love, Victoria, Steve & Miles

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blossom Wind

When I tell people that I am a songwriter, they instantly draw a few conclusions about who I am before the conversation goes any further. Just like, if I were to say that I'm a policeman (which I am not), there would be a number of assumptions instantly made about my level of fitness, my ability to handle a firearm, and possibly my moral character...none of which might be accurate. But people would put me in a box entitled "policeman" and not think twice about it. Same with the songwriter box. Alot of people, upon hearing that I am a songwriter, instantly assume that I like to stay up late (I do), tell stories (absolutely), play a musical instrument or two (fairly accurate), and that I take my joy in interpreting life in interesting and beautiful ways that can be shared with others (ok). All those things would be true, and I would be honored if you all thought that's how I spend all my time when I'm not doing the laundry.
There are some other assumptions made about what I do that pinch like a tight pair of shoes. One is that because I want to make make money as a songwriter, I am willing and /or able to write music that will sell to the masses. I am here to tell you, friends, that all music will sell to somebody. In workshop after workshop after migraine-inducing workshop I have been told that my priority is to GO FIND MY AUDIENCE. They are out there, I am assured. But they didn't need to tell me that. I know my audience is out there, every time a stranger approaches me with a faraway look in their eye and asks, "What was the name of that last song? I really liked it. It made me think of..." Those moments, my friends, are the ones I live for. Not the  moment of pulling up my ReverbNation page a while back and seeing that I had hit number #35 in my local ranking (no mean feat, apparently, in Nashville TN)...but I have to confess that I don't know what that means. Why is it important? Do I just sound like my grandmother now? I know what a man at The Bluebird Cafe means when he crosses the room to tell me he's lived in this town for twenty two years to have the kind of experience he just had (after I played one of my songs at the Monday open mic/cattle call). An old man. Even older than me! Wavy silver hair and blue eyes. Never told me his name.
If you haven't figured it out yet, I am engaged in a quiet struggle for my role in this industry. I do not spit on social media, to be sure. Am I not blogging right this minute, after all? I do seek my audience. And I find them. Even as my standings on the internet don't reflect it (right now I'm at a whimpering #175 on Reverb locally. I've neglected my page. Too busy doing laundry and playing the guitar), I don't question the reality of this thing I've been doing for as long as I can remember. I don't question the word that has landed, the spoken picture that has filled up someone's eyes, a conversation in the corner that has paused mid point because some winged melody in the room took it captive. I revere those things. They are my touchstones. As an artist, and as a human being.
I am a songwriter, yes. People ask me about hits. When will I write a hit?... because of course that's what all songwriters want to do, apparently. All songwriters want mass acceptance and commercial rewards and respect and a swimming pool. Don't misunderstand me, I would LOVE a swimming pool. I even wrote a song about it. But I don't know how to set about writing a hit, not because I lack the tools, but because this is a process that occurs on the inside of me, not on the outside where all the workshops are taught.
So I keep on. I write alot of music that seems to baffle, yet it feels good. Like the smell of approaching spring. Unexpected. How can you refuse that blossom wind?


Saturday, February 23, 2013


Hello out there! I bet you thought I had abandoned this whole website/blog business altogether and was now starting a shop for gardening tools or something. But no. Still playing the guitar and talking to self with great vigor. Welcome to late February 2013, just to get our bearings...Steve and Miles and I are still here in Tennessee, still making music and living by the lake. I know it sounds idyllic and in some ways it is, but as you all know, life comes in, sometimes like a little butterfly and sometimes like a big smelly three-toed sloth. We have re-dedicated ourselves recently to this whole making-music-and-getting-it-out-there thing. I never fell OUT of love with music itself, to be clear. I just wearied temporarily of what I like to call, the "machinery" part of it. I have never been very good with machinery. But I do recognize that some work with machinery is required if one wants to be part of an industry. So I plan to have my face in the computer a little more this year. The way I see it, if it gets my music into your ears more effectively, then it's worth a little kicking and screaming.
We'll be doing a number of things, but the first will be to complete a new CD that has actually been in the works for about two months now. There's a working title and a large pile of songs (really large)...I'm currently whittling it down to the ones that seem to get along with each other the best. Sometimes this process feels a bit like putting the right people together at dinner...or maybe even more accurately, the right kids together in a sandbox. I want them to have fun without pulling each other's hair out. There is a deadline on the table...right now it goes by the name Late Spring/ Early Summer. Kinda flaky, I know. But that's an upgrade from the even flakier Sometime Next Year. I really hated that one.
I will be making a concerted effort to touch base with all of you alot more often. I welcome your input (you can post comments here or find me on Facebook under Victoria Woodworth). I am terrible at getting back to people in a timely way and you definitely should slap me down about this. It is the only way I will learn, so help a sister out. Don't give up on me, and again: I LOVE hearing from you. Even when it's only to tell me I talk too dang much. Blessings to all of you, and stay tuned for more exciting verbage!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New video

Hey everybody! I am delighted to announce that the new video to "Bread and Flowers" has been released today after much breath holding and squirrel chasing. Said epic was shot a few weeks ago one beautiful morning VERY early (for the light, you understand) in the morning, in the lovely Tennessee woods near our home. We had the expert help of Miguel Sabogal, a slim New Yorker who manned the camera, produced and directed, and delivered the final beautifully edited version you see here. Thank you Miguel, and thank you every one of you for watching and sharing it! We can't wait to do the next one but we have to save our pennies... Enjoy!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Come on in and sit right down!

Welcome, friends and strangers! You have found the website of Americana singer/songwriter Victoria Woodworth...that's me! This is where you can listen to and purchase my music, check out my show calendar, and catch up on reviews, photos,video,blogs, causes and more. Feel free to look around and enjoy. Be sure to join the email list so I can keep you updated, and drop me a line...I love hearing from ALL y'all!